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June 7, 2013
2 Unique articles, 4 keywords and research
June 7, 2013

3 Unique articles, 6 keywords and research


With well told stories, you can make a business more interesting and even attractive. Your web site requires content that triggers interest. Quality content, meaningful substance that is. But before all that, what your site and business need is a good list of keywords. This translates by research time

Bring interesting articles to your readers. Improve your natural ranking and share content.

Three unique and different articles

Unique could mean, your words, your style and your opinions. We all have that right? But unique for search engines means something the algorithms have not seen or read anywhere else before.

Constance is the key. So consider these variables part of your marketing strategy:

  • How much writing (word can)
  • How many times (article count)
  • For how long?

6 keywords and research (2kw/article)

Let’s talk about keywords. What are they for?

Think in terms of hits triggered by natural searches. What did your visitors look for? That’s a start to build a list of keywords or key-phrases. But not only and that’s where research is required.

Good keywords will turn searches into hits.

After sometime, a pattern will eventually emerge. Your niche market will start to show.


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