3 Unique articles, 6 keywords and research
June 7, 2013

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One unique article

Unique meaning, your words, your style, your information and your opinions. We all have that right? Now let’s get to the writing part. And that’s when you want to think about the pace. One article, out of the blue is fine, but will do nothing for your marketing strategy. Think in hits. No random ones. Constance and time-span are variable to consider. You may want to publish, but here we talk in weeks. How many time a week. For which key words?

2 keywords and research

Let’s talk about keywords. What are they for?  Well, your business, be it goods or services selling defines it-self with words that web visitors right. Some of those keywords must lead them straight onto your site. Once there, give them something attractive or they’ll fly faster than light. So any ideas? No worries. That is something I can take care of.

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