60′ Spanish conversation practice
June 7, 2013
120′ Spanish Conversation Classes
August 6, 2017

60′ French conversation practice


60 minutes vocabulary rich conversation with a native French speaker.

Enhance langage fluidity by acquiring a larger set of words and synonyms at the same time you perfect your pronunciation. At the end of the the class you can obtain your audio to listen to and rehearse. 60′ is easy to fit in most agendas!

Amazing results guaranteed!

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French Conversation Practice (60′)

Speak French like a native

How does it work

  1. Pick a subject of your choice.
  2. Hit the button to schedule the conversation.
    Book a Session
  3. Follow the steps to check out.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with the skype contact name.

On the day of the appointment allow your-self 5 minutes before-hand to connect your computer and login to skype so that we can start on time.

We are ready to have a friendly yet vocabulary-rich  French conversation practice  to empower your French speaking abilities. Travel the world, do business or get a new job with a newly added skill.

Recorded material

All French conversation practice classes are recorded. This way you can listen to your last lesson at any point in time between classes. The audio material is sent via email or ready to download on your client area.


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