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September 14, 2017
Call handling – one language
September 21, 2017

Content rewrite or site revamp

A website requires some attention at times. Was your site built a long time ago?  Is the content easy to change and publish? Is your SEO ranking your business decently thus making it visible to the world? Have you rebranded all your stationary but now your site is no longer accord? And what about all the social networks, are you using it to its full potential?


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There are many ways to upgrade your site.

This can be:

  1. Present content with fresh information, slight restructuring of content hierarchy.
  2. Include up-to-date media (images, diagrams and even videos) with the latest technology.
  3. Rebrand the sites design to match your vision.
  4. Work on the SEO and SEM.

To do this you may want to have your content migrated to a crm and use the most advance platform who can in a few clicks bring your site up with latest html, css, java technology. And show fresh and clean look to lead prospects in your area of expertise.

It is important to discuss in depth any project. A thorough analysis is needed to establish a deadline and the appropriate price. Including the possibility of some outsourcing for the most tech parts.


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