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Esto es un diario. Historias del día a día, algunas preocupaciones de los miembros de la casa o organización de esterilizaciones u otros acontecimientos mayores. Historias de alguna gente y también encuentros, entrevistas y novedades que aporten una mayor calidad de vida.


Objetos en venta. Desde segunda mano hasta manualidades creadas con el propósito de alimentar, vacuna, esterilizar a los animales de esta casa. No serán de uso ni provecho humano.

De interés

Todo lo que pueda ser de ayuda a tu gato. Saber más de comportamiento, salud, lo que les gusta, como actuan en libertad etc.

Gente de gatos

Vivencias de todos vosotros. Serán vuestras historias y relatos. Publicacione de acontecimientos de interés general.

Que es esto

who is Mumcat?

not a crazy old cat lady : just a sensible soul

I am a person who has cats. More than 10. And I´ve been with cats nearly a decade which is actually nothing compared to other cat fans. I consider my-self a carer. I am responsible for them since the moment I brought them home. This is how the story begins.

Just life with them. Good things and bad things happen. My experience - my life in their company. I love them, I admire them and more then anything I need them.

I am also a researcher. In the sense of life. I have been gifted with the ability to understand the messages life sends. And observing animals - without interfering - definitely serves that purpose. Any animal, even my chicken teach me great lessons!

Currently, I am growing my food and buying what I cannot make, therefore I have a job. What's it called a food-job? My carnivores require some meat for their diet sooooo. Work, work. But my intention is to put up an online shop and sell my handy-crafts. This would come to pay for the monthly feline treatments. De-flee, De-worm.

I would love to become as independent as possible even energy wise! but that right, will have to wait as I do not have enough hours in the day.

I´ll end this about me intro saying that I am also going to publish here videos, documentary links etc etc on any kind of subject of interest. Obviously those things that I found great meaning and that deserve sharing. Hope you will enjoy your landing here!

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